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Earn your Certificate in Chaplaincy


For those students interested in basic chaplain certification, we offer a 20 hour Community Chaplain Training Program through the Chaplaincy Training Institute, (A college subsidiary) taught by qualified instructors with real-world experience. Students who are unable to attend live classes are able to complete their studies through DVD lectures and self-study utilizing courseware and resources that will enhance the student’s educational experience. Whether you are an experienced chaplain seeking additional training, or a beginner wanting to learn the basics, as a part of our effort to provide ongoing training in the field of chaplaincy, we offer training through the Chaplaincy Training Institute. At CTI, you will learn the fundamentals of industrial chaplaincy, and be a part of an educational experience that will truly be transforming.  Tuition Cost $350.00(Includes training manual, DVD’s and handouts) 


Lesson 11 - Step 4 - Biblical Process of Change

Lesson 12 - Critical Situational Stress

Lesson 13 - Traumatic Stress Reactions and Children

Lesson 14 - Grief and Bereavement

Lesson 15 - Healing Conversations

Lesson 16 - Preparing For Approaching Death

Lesson 17 - Chaplain Volunteers in the Prisons

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Lesson 1 - Introduction to Industrial Chaplaincy

Lesson 2 - Duties of the Emergency Service Chaplain

Lesson 3 - Pastoral Confidentiality and Ethics

Lesson 4 - Dealing With Suicidal People

Lesson 5 - Death Notifications

Lesson 6 - Biblical Counseling Overview

Lesson 7 - Establishing Relationships

Lesson 8 - Gathering Information

Lesson 9 - Para-Linguistic Communication

Lesson 10 - Personal Data Inventory Forms (PDIF)