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Earn your Certificate in Chaplaincy


We offer a 20-hour Community Chaplain Training Program through the Chaplaincy Training Institute (A college subsidiary) taught by qualified instructors with real-world experience for students interested in basic chaplain certification. Students who cannot attend live classes can complete their studies through flash drive lectures and self-study utilizing courseware and resources that will enhance their educational experience. Whether you are an experienced chaplain seeking additional training, or a beginner wanting to learn the basics, as a part of our effort to provide ongoing training in chaplaincy, we offer training through the Chaplaincy Training Institute. At CTI, you will learn the fundamentals of industrial chaplaincy and be a part of an educational experience that will genuinely be transforming. Tuition Cost $350.00(Includes training manual, flash drive, and handouts) 


Lesson 1 - Introduction to Industrial Chaplaincy

Lesson 2 - Duties of the Emergency Service Chaplain

Lesson 3 - Pastoral Confidentiality and Ethics

Lesson 4 - Dealing With Suicidal People

Lesson 5 - Death Notifications

Lesson 6 - Biblical Counseling Overview

Lesson 7 - Establishing Relationships

Lesson 8 - Gathering Information

Lesson 9 - Para-Linguistic Communication

Lesson 10 - Personal Data Inventory Forms (PDIF)

Lesson 11 - Step 4 - Biblical Process of Change

Lesson 12 - Critical Situational Stress

Lesson 13 - Traumatic Stress Reactions and Children

Lesson 14 - Grief and Bereavement

Lesson 15 - Healing Conversations

Lesson 16 - Preparing For Approaching Death

Lesson 17 - Chaplain Volunteers in the Prisons

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