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Professor Lecturing on Stage

Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies leaders have been pioneers in non-traditional education since 2009 and has done so at an affordable price without compromising quality. We offered a two-year Associate Degree program in ministry during our humble beginnings. Our program was designed to equip ministers of the gospel to become fully functional pastors. There were hundreds of students enrolled. Many were provided with scholarships and are now successful church pastors. Students were so impressed by the education provided by our team of professors that they continued their educational journey. Today, CCSGS provides graduate doctoral studies in theology and Christian Clinical Studies. We offer distance learning and resident online classes (Denver Colorado Campus). Distance learning students are assigned a qualified professor for the duration of their studies and provided with a syllabus and inventory list of mandatory and recommended reading materials. Resident and online students can interact with other students and a live professor with real-world experience. 

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