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Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Pastoral Counseling

Procedures and Requirements


We offer a research-driven Ph.D. graduate program rather than a course-driven one based on a European education model. This model helps students gain a deeper understanding of the practice of clinical pastoral counseling through research and self-discovery. Upon completing each research project and assigned practicums, the student is awarded the distinguished Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies Degree of Clinical Christian Counseling.

Advance NCCA Licensing Requirements 

Individuals who already hold a doctorate degree in counseling or a related/ accepted field may elect to complete the requirements for clinical licensing through the National Christian Counselors Association. For more information about professional licensing call to speak with our NCCA supervisor Dr. Sean Alexander about your counseling future.

For distance learning students all exams if any must be proctored by a qualified proctor

Program Requirements




Course Requirement:


CC 501 Basic Christian Counseling                                                                                                           (3 Credit hours)

CC 502 Testing Theory                                                                                                                                  (3 Credit hours)

CC 503 Testing/Measurements                                                                                                                 (3 Credit hours)

CC 504 Temperament Therapy                                                                                                                 (3 Credit hours)

CC 505 / Christian Counseling: Integrating Temperament and Psychology                            (3 Credit hours)




CC 506 Mastering Pastoral Counseling Utilizing Temperament                                                    (3 Credit hours)

CC 507 Temperament Case Studies                                                                                                        (3 Credit hours)

CC 508 Counseling the Codependent                                                                                                    (3 Credit hours)


7 Additional Courses (student selection)                                                                           26 additional credit hours.

Dissertation 200 pg.                                                                                                                                       (10 Credit hours)

Required Courses 24 Credit hours - Student selection 26 Credit hours - Dissertation - 10 Credit hours - Total 60 Credit hours



American Psychological Association (APA) Requirements


Students are required to utilize American Psychological Association (APA) formatting and maintain a level of quality as required for all CCSGS Programs. Written research assignments must reference sources when utilized in research assignments. References must include the title of the manuscript, page location, book author name, and name of publisher, and date of publication. The student must write a research paper for each course of study. All graduate-level students will be required to write a thesis or dissertation.

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