College Student Studying
Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Clinical Counseling
Lecture Room

Session 3

PHD - 497 Integrity - 3 credits

PHD – 498 Anger’s Slippery Slope – 4 credits

PHD - 499 Discipleship– Call to God’s Discipline - 3 credits

Session 4

PHD - 500 The effects Transference and Counter Transference - 3 credits

PHD - 502 Spiritual Warfare - 3 credits

PHD – 503 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Couples and Families - 4 credits

Session 5

PHD – 504 Christian Counseling Ethics – 3 credits

PHD – 505 Treating Trauma in Christian Counseling - 4 credits

PHD – 506 Theology of Christian Counseling – 4 credits


Dissertation: Graduate papers must be 220-250 pages in length. Topic of Dissertation will be selected by the professor. Total of 67 Earned Credit Hours

American Psychological Association (APA) Requirements


Students are required to utilize American Psychological Association (APA) formatting and maintain a level of quality as required for all CCSGS Programs. Written research assignments must reference sources when utilized in research assignments. References must include the title of the manuscript, page location, book author name, and name of publisher, and date of publication. The student must write a research paper for each course of study. All graduate-level students will be required to write a thesis or dissertation.

5 Sessions | 2-4 Courses per Session |3-4 Credit Hours per Course | 67 Total Credit Hours |

Session 1

PHD - 491 Christ Our Healer - 3 credits

PHD - 492 Abnormal Psychology—3 credits

PHD - 493 Mentoring and Releasing to Ministry - 3 credits

Session 2

PHD- 494 Conflict Management and Resolution - 3 credits

PHD – 495 Bioethics and Pastoral Care 4 credits

PHD - 496 Divine Guidance - 3 credits

Doctor of Philosophy Degree Program

The Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical counseling program is designed to equip the student with clinical knowledge from a Christian theological perspective. This course provides a methodology for understanding modern psychology as it relates to the pastor or chaplain in their day-to-day ministry of helping those who are struggling with emotional trauma.

For distance learning students all exams if any must be proctored by a qualified proctor