Associate of Christian Ministry
(Foundational Course)

Session 3

BB103    Old Testament Survey III
BB111    New Testament Survey I
CO101    Biblical Counseling I

Session 4

BB112    New Testament Survey II
TH102    Christology

TH103    Systematic Theology I

Session 5

BB113    New Testament Survey III
MN104   Christian Ethics

MN102   Biblical Leadership

Modern Language Association (MLA) Requirements


Students are required to utilize Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting and maintain a level of quality as required for all CCSGS Programs. Written research assignments must reference sources when utilized in research assignments. References must include the title of the manuscript, page location, book author name, and name of publisher, and date of publication. The student must write a research paper for each course of study.

5 Sessions | 3 Courses per Session | 4 Credit Hours per Course | 60 Total Credit Hours l DVD and Self Study Courses

Session 1

BB100    Old Testament Survey I        

TH101     Theoretical Hermeneutics

BB131     Letter to the Romans

Session 2

BB102     Old Testament Survey II

MN101   Evangelism

BB132     Ephesians

Student Study Requirements


Course Requirements

Students are be required to complete the reading assignments, pass all exams, and submit all essays. When necessary or helpful, students will be required to complete practical assignments as well.  These assignments are used to help students explore more deeply the life and/or ministry applications of the concepts discussed in the course. Each course will have several key concepts, which are the primary takeaways for the subject.  These are clearly presented in the courseware as Biblical Truths, Biblical Principles, Ministry Applications, and Life Applications. Where appropriate, in addition to the courseware, a list of recommended books, periodicals, articles, etc. will be provided for students interested in further study of the subject.


All exams must be proctored by a qualified proctor