Affordable Tuition and Program Cost

Our TUITION scale is straightforward with no additional administrative fees. We do not charge a tuition fee, transcript fee, or Graduation Fee and there is no interest on monthly payments.


How do we provide a quality college education at an affordable price?


Chaplains College is religious non-profit distance learning and satellite-based institution serving the Christian community. At CCSGS, we do not have the overhead that traditional campus-based colleges have and with our low overhead, we are able to provide a quality education while passing on the savings to our students.

Christian based Statement of Faith


It is assumed that all enrollment applicants have read the CCSGS Statement of Faith and agree with its content. Students must agree with the Christian-based principle of the statement set forth as foundational to all education. All students, upon acceptance into any CCSGS educational programs, the Chaplaincy Training Institute, or affiliate schools, must agree to and support the CCSGS the Christian-based Mission Statement and Statement of Faith before enrollment. Failure to maintain a Christian life may result in the student's termination or suspension by the dean of students or the director of the academic programs.



Call and ask one of or academic advisors about affordable payment options.


(888) 627-5503

Associate of Christian Ministry (Two-year program)

Tuition $995.00 12 Monthly payments of $82.92




Bachelor of Christian Ministry (Four-year program)

 Tuition $1, 995.00 12 Monthly payments of $166.25




Bachelor of Chaplaincy (Four-year program)

Tuition $1, 995.00 12 Monthly payments of $166.25



Master of Christian Counseling

Tuition $2, 100.00 12 Monthly payments of $175.00





Master of Divinity

Tuition $2, 495.00 12 Monthly payments of $207.91



Doctor of Theology

Tuition $2, 495.00 12 Monthly payments of $207.91


Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Clinical Counseling 

Tuition $2, 495.00 12 Monthly payments of $207.91


Chaplain Certification Program

Tuition $250.00