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State of Florida Department of Education


Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies is a Degree Granting Institution in compliance with the rules established by the Florida Department of Education for exempt educational institutions

World Wide Association of Christian Educational Institutions


Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies is accredited by the World Wide Association of Christian Educational Institutions. WWACEI is a private organization dedicated to maintaining the highest educational standards for theologically Christian-based colleges and seminaries. WWACEI accreditation standards are maintained through educational and doctrinal accountability.


Why do we seek private accreditation?


At CCSGS, we believe that accountability is paramount for any Christ-based ministry or institution. Christian education is an important endeavor. The people who graduate from CCSGS carry with them teachings that will influence others for the cause of Jesus Christ and will reach worldwide. Therefore, it is important that we have accountability through oversight.  While private accrediting agencies are not recognized by the federal government and are unable to offer special privileges to their college membership, they do provide accountability at a doctrinal and academic level.

Our Choice

In order to keep tuition affordable, we have elected not to be governed by the U.S. Department of Education and do not seek Regional Accreditation. Nor is government accreditation for religious institutions required by law. Accreditation is a voluntary and costly process and colleges that chose government oversight over educational programing are subject to their intrusive government mandates regardless if there is a conflict of interest.


Case History 1

Many non-traditional programs offered by Bible Colleges and Seminaries or their teaching style may conflict with government mandates.  For example, a well-known Bible Institute in Los Angeles California sought government accreditation and was midway through the process until an issue arose with one of their faculty members.


The member of the faculty was a well-known missionary associated with a major evangelical denomination. During his 20 years serving in the mission field, he planted hundreds of churches and was responsible for leading more than 20,000 people to Christ.


He was scheduled to teach a class on the subject of missions to a large group of students when the school was notified by auditors that the instructor did not meet the criteria for teaching the class.


They said that the instructor must possess a Master's Degree or higher in order to teach this class and recommended he be replaced by another instructor who had just graduated with a Master's Degree in Mission Studies.


This graduate had never pastored a church nor served in the mission field. Yet, he became the top choice as a replacement. The school elected not to continue with the accreditation process stating that the mandates made by auditors conflicted with the overall mission and vision of the institution.



Case History 2/ Dallas Theological Seminary


Most Bible colleges and seminaries that are regionally and nationally accredited at some point in time were unaccredited. Dallas Theological Seminary, well known for excellence in education, was founded in 1924. It was not until 45 years later (1969) that they received regional accreditation. During that 45 years, time span notables such as Charles Ryrie, Dwight Pentecost, and Chuck Swindoll graduated from DTS long before they were accredited. Moody Bible Institute and Life Bible College are also among those schools that were unaccredited during the early years of their scholastic existence.

Credit Transfers


Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies accepts credits from other legitimate Christian institutions of higher learning. Transferred credits are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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