Doctor of Theology
Serving Christ Through Chaplaincy
Lecture Room

Session 3

DTH07  The Doctrine of Salvation

DTH08  Doctrine of the Trinity

DTH09  The Doctrine of Man and Sin

Session 4

DTH10  Ancient Christian Gospels

DTH11  The life of the Apostle John


Graduate papers must be 135-150 pages in length or 40,000 to 50,000-words. Topic of Dissertation will be selected by the professor.

Modern Language Association (MLA) Requirements


Students are required to utilize Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting and maintain a level of quality as required for all CCSGS Programs. Written research assignments must reference sources when utilized in research assignments. References must include the title of the manuscript, page location, book author name, and name of publisher, and date of publication. The student must write a research paper for each course of study. All graduate-level students will be required to write a thesis or dissertation.

4 Sessions | 2-4 Courses per Session |3-4 Credit Hours per Course | 50 Total Credit Hours |

Session 1

DTH01    Advance Biblical Prophecy

DTH02    Foreign Mission

DTH03    Four Views on the Apostle Paul

Session 2

DTH04  The Men and Women of the Bible

DTH05  The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

DTH06   Book of Hebrews

Doctorate of Theology Degree Program


The Doctor of Theology is designed to cultivate scholarly knowledge and enable the doctoral candidate to gain a deeper understanding of theology from a doctoral standpoint. All of our graduate degree programs reflect a method pioneered over 170 years ago by the University of London. Well known for their literary skills and disciplined approach, British educators have established a reputation that is modeled worldwide. At Chaplains College, we use a Research-Based Learning model (RBL), which has proven with past students, more effective for the retention of the resources and materials used to complete class research assignments. The curricula for the Doctor of Theology Degree consist of four research sessions for a total of 50 credit hours. Once completed the student will present a publish-worthy reach paper to their assigned professor for review and grading along with a bibliography of resources and books used to complete the research assignment. Upon completion of eleven class assignments, the student will complete and present a final dissertation.


For distance learning students all exams if any must be proctored by a qualified proctor